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Experience Over Everything

When building a custom home, your experience is just as vital as the final product you live in. Whether you’re building a custom home in Utah or another state, we can help. Our team at Millhaven goes beyond the build with our full-service approach to each project.

“I would absolutely recommend Millhaven to friends, family and my closest friends. People are so shocked to hear how much we loved the building process that they want to know more. It’s so different from what most people experience.”

– Taysom & Emily Hill

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Custom Floor Plans

A home is where the most important events of your life take place. The overall floor plan plays a massive part in ensuring you maximize your lifestyle. Our team of plan designers can help you with custom options or existing plans that have already been proven. We work with clients locally and nationwide.

Interior Design

Our team of certified interior designers will work with you to bring out the very best style and function of your spaces. We provide interior design services to many clients in Utah as well as other states.

Foxwood Estates

This 19 lot neighborhood features larger lots, privacy, creek bed access, mountain views and consistent home values. It is located close to recreation, premier schools, and retail and shopping.

“Our favorite part of build process was to be able to customize everything. You can have endless possibilities with Millhaven.”

– The Rawle Family